Shaft drive

By using universal joints which is shaft drive system , the newly developed and
compact structure of transmitting dynamic power is possible.

To change angle during rotation is possible
A. If intermediate or end of shaft can be changed to expansion type,
running like the right illustration is possible.
B. By putting fulcrum which is bending on the center of joints.¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@

Used as substitution for coupling
As compared with coupling, universal joints are free from trouble in centering
operation. Even though its accuracy is a little rough, Universal joints always
transmit power smoothly. Also Thinking of assembly time and cost saving totally
is your optimal choice.

Used as substitute for bevel gear

To increase and decrease speed is not available, but by using Universal Joints,
Total compact design is obtained and as compared with gear, outer case do
not require accurate finish.

How about connecting joints with air cylinders (AIR CYLINDER)
If they are connected each other as the following, any trouble in centering
operation is avoided in order to get smooth movement as well as rotation

Thinking of cost totally
Cost would be increased tremendously due to negligence like treating a joint as of
iittle important. JCC universal joints which have been standardizing is surely able to
help you with the best solution needs.

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